jackalope4I am a female violence survivor, educator, and activist who speaks out against intimate partner violence, ideological feminism, and other nonsense.  Like the jackalope, genuine, informed, female non-feminists are pretty much thought to be a myth.  Unlike the jackalope, I’m quite real, and I have a lot to say.  Welcome to the inside of my head.

My blog will make the most sense if you start at the beginning.  This is my back story, and it provides a lot of context for the things I talk about.

If you are worried you or someone you know might be in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, you may want to start here instead.

When I say I’m opposed to feminism, I don’t mean that I am opposed to women’s rights, progress, or empowerment.  I mean that I disagree with the feminist worldview and ideology, methods, academia, and politics, because of the way they affect both men and women.  If you want a clear explanation of my position and philosophy, you should read this article, and also this one.

If you care to contact me, but don’t want to do so via this site, feel free to send your thoughts, questions, or rage-fueled ad hominems to egalitarianjackalope@gmail.com.

Because this site is getting big enough to become difficult to navigate, here’s an archive:

31. On Testimony and Abuse
30. A Quick Book Review
29. On the Reporting Problem: An Addendum
28. Things That Are Not Misogyny (because they’re misandry)
27. Men Hunt and Women Fish
26. On Gender and Astrology
25. A Critique of #NotAllMen
24.  On Gender and History
23. A Break for Some Art
22. Rape Culture: A Comparison
21. The Fourth Wave
20. On Subjects and Objects
19.  On the Reporting Problem
18. Women’s Rights Part 1: On Reproductive Freedom
17. A Brief Rant on Due Process
16. On Expectations, Worth, and Suicide
15. Underestimating Feminism, Part 2: A Conflict of Interests
14. Feminists Chronically Underestimate Feminism
13. On Feminism, Equality, and Scotsmen
12. Silly Anti-feminists, Tumblr is for Kids
11. On Gender and Consent
10. Because It’s November
9. My Two Cents on Coming Out
8. On Gender and Privilege
7. The Downside of Being Adaptable, or Signs of an Abusive Relationship
6. If I Were a Boy
5. Things That Are Not Empowering Part Two: On Sexuality
4. My Brain and the Crazy Shit It Does to Me
3. Things That Are Not Empowering Part One: On Violence
2. Victim Blaming vs. Empowerment
1. My Story


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